e-File 1040

How do you e-file your 1040?

Each year, approximately 100 million taxpayers in the United States choose the fastest and easiest way to send in their individual tax returns — IRS e-file.  not only is it the fastest, but it’s the safest way because you have a receipt of the acceptance and your information is not jeopardized in the mailing system to get lost.  Since 1990,  over 1 billion Form 1040 series tax returns have been safely and securely e-filed (that’s almost as many hamburgers as McDonald’s has sold … OK, maybe McDonald’s has sold a lot more hamburgers, but you get the point).

E-file is the way to file your taxes.  Now, with Free File, everyone can file Form 1040 series tax returns for free!

  • Free File – This is an increasing popular way to file taxes, but it has an income limitation.  Free File is particularly for people with an income that is $58,000 or less.  If that’s you, let the Free File brand-name software do the tax filing work for you with free tax preparation and free e-filing.   Just fill out the information and Free File will do all the heavy lifting.  This option is available only through, where over 15 different tax software companies make their services and products available absolutely free to you.
  • E-File – This is what most Americans choose.  It’s the do-it-yourself (DIY) option.  E-File is more versatile than Free File.  To utilize this option,  purchase a tax preparation software (Turbox Tax, Tax Cut, etc.) either online or over-the-counter.  You can often look for various rebate deals at the beginning of the year, which sometimes offer these software packages for free.  Once installed, merely enter all your information,  and have the software prepare your Form 1040 return and click send to e-file.  It’s that simple!  Viola, your return then sent safely and immediately to the IRS (not via e-mail, it’s through secure channels).  Prices for tax software do vary, especially throughout the year, so shop around (or use Free File).

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