IRS Tax Form 1040 Schedule F

During the last year if you owned a farm, you are probably familiar with IRS Form 1040 Schedule F, Profit or Loss from Farming, you will most likely need to fill this form out. There are many details you will need to provide. The first line of the form asks for the total sales price of livestock or other items you bought for resale. Line 4 asks for the sales of livestock, produce, grains and any other products that you raised. If you are part of a co-op or make agricultural payments that goes in line 5a and 6a.

If you received any crop insurance proceeds or federal crop disaster payments, you will also need to include that in your form 1040 Schedule F. There is also a live for custom hire (machine work) income and federal and state gasoline or fuel tax credits or refunds.

You also need to catalog and list out your expenses. If you have any car or truck expenses, chemicals, conversation, or depreciation expenses that should go in Part 2 of the form. There is also room for feed, fertilizers and lime, freight and trucking, gasonline and fuel, insurance and interest expenses. If you rent or lease property, seeds, plants, storage, supplies and utilities there are sections for all that information in Part II as well.

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