IRS Tax Form 1040 Schedule H

For those of you that owe household employment taxes, then you will need to fill out IRS Tax Form Schedule H. If you paid any household employee more than $1,600 or more then that is the first piece of information that is required. You also need to indicate whether or not you withheld federal income tax at any time during the year for your household employeee. You also need to show details if you paid cash wages of more than $1,000 in any calendar quarter during the year to any of your household employees.

Line 1 of the form asks for the total cash wages paid out that were subject to social security taxes. Line 2 asks for the total social security taxes, you figure this out by multiplying line 1 by a set percentage (that can change each year). Line 3 is for your total cash wages paid and line 4 is for any Medicare taxes that you paid out. Line 5 is for federal income tax withheld and 6 is for total social seciruty, medicare and federal income taxes. If you made any advance earned income credits (EIC) payments then list that as well.

If you paid Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) that is also required. Finally you need to record the state where you paid unemployment contributions and then total up the cas wages that are subject to FUTA tax. Finally, you will have all the information needed to calculate your total unemployment taxes that you owe for the year.

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