IRS Tax Form 1040 Schedule J

This IRS form is specifically designed for farmers and fishermen who earned money from their respective trades during the year. Line 1 requires you to enter you entire taxable income from your Form 1040 off of line 43. Line 2 asks for your elected farm income and make sure that line 2 is not a larger number than line 1. The next step is to calculate your taxable amount on your total income from farming or fishing.

Schedule J is one of the simpler forms that the IRS has. It is only 1 page and contains only 20 lines, so if you made your living fishing or farming during the year you can click through our link below and take a look at the spreadsheet. If you need help with that form, it’s recommneded you find a professional tax adviser who can help you out with your taxes.

Download form 1040 Schedule J right now directly from the IRS Website!

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