IRS Tax Form 1040 Schedule SE

You are required to fill out schedule SE if you:

-You had net earnings from sel-employment from anything other church employee income or
– You had church employee income of over $108. Income from services you performed as a minister or a member of a religious order is not classified as church employee income.
Even if you had a loss or a small amount of income from self-employment, it may be to your benefit to file Schedule SE and use either “optional method” in Part II of Long Schedule SE. If your only self-employment income was from earnings as a minister, member of a religious order, or Christian Science practitioner and you filed Form 4361 and received IRS approval not to be taxed on those earnings, do not file Schedule SE.

There is a long descision tree on form SE that you must go through to determine if you need to fill out the short schedule SE or the long schedule SE. At the end of the decision tree you will then be able to fill out the long or the short term version and the end goal being the determination of your self employment tax that you owe the IRS.

Download form 1040 Schedule SE right now directly from the IRS Website!

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