Top 3 Sites to File Your Taxes Online

Every year in mid January taxpayers anticipating refunds look forward to the IRS opening up the ability to electronically file their taxes. Ever since software was created so that individuals could file their taxes online, taxpayers have enjoyed filing their taxes from the comfort of their own home. Not mention enjoying the ease of filing their taxes online.

Top 3 Sites to E-file
However, with all the competition online regarding filing taxes, how do you pick the best one to use? Many consumers stick to the top sites that are used when filing taxes online. Currently, the top 3 sites to file your taxes online are TurboTax, H&R Block and Tax Act. These are the 3 main sites that taxpayers turn to whenever they want to file their taxes with ease and confidence. It also helps that these sites have been around since the beginning of time, so there’s the comfort in knowing that these are reputable online filing sites and not a fly by night site.

Reasons to Choose These Sites
TurboTax is the top rated online filing site that there is when filing your taxes online. For starters, this company has a solid reputation and has provided online filing services since the beginning. This company provides a user friendly way to filing your taxes online. The software does most of the work and knows what questions to ask when it comes to benefiting the taxpayer. Most taxpayers can go online to their site and completely file their taxes within minutes depending on the complexity of their return. They give many options when it comes to additional services, such as audit assistance, error check and they will go through your taxes to check for errors and give you an estimated rate as far audit risk based on information provided in your return. H&R Block and Tax Act also offer these similar services, however TurboTax has provided online services longer. H&R Block has provided tax services longer than both of these companies and Tax Act typically has lower fees than the other two.

What People Look For When Filing Online
These sites are the top 3 sites for a reason. People look for reputation and ease when filing their taxes online, which these sites provide. You may also want to look at how complex it is to navigate through their site, these 3 sites make it a simple task to navigate your way through these sites. Another thing to look for is the ability to contact a tax professional with questions at anytime. Which once again all 3 sites offer this benefit. The other thing that people look for is the cost of the services that they provided. While these 3 sites may not be the cheapest sites, the quality of their services is what ranks them high among their competitors. To compensate for the difference in fees, you are able to find many promo codes that will offer discounts to individuals that use these sites. Filing your taxes online does not have to be a complex task and these 3 sites prove that, which is what makes them the top sites to use when filing your taxes online.


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